State Name Nodal Department Mission Director SLEC Current Stock of Planting Material Bamboo Harvested in last 5 years (MT) Bamboo harvest proposed in 2018-19 (MT)
Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Sri Sanjay Gupta, IFS, PCCF (WP) NR 1,44,919.93 NR
Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department Shri. R.K. Singh, IFS, Mission Director, PCCF cum NR NR NR
Assam Industries and Commerce Department Shri Pabitra Khound, Commissioner (I&C) cum NR NR NR
Bihar Environment & Forest Department (Hariyali Mission) Shri. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, IFS State Mission Director (NBM) cum CCF cum Director, Hariyali Mission NR NR NR
Chhattisgarh Department of Agriculture & Bio-Technology Smt. Maninder Kaur Dwivedi, IAS Secretary & State Mission Director (NBM) Department of Agriculture & Bio-Technology, NR NR NR
Gujarat Forest Department Shri Ram Kumar, IFS, APCCF NR NR NR NR
Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Department Dr. R.K. Kaundal SMD (NBM) cum Director of Agriculture NR NR NR NR
Jharkhand Forest Department Shri. , IFS, Chief Conservator of Forest NR NR NR
Jammu & Kashmir Director of Agriculture (NBM) Shri K K Sharma NR NR NR NR
Karnataka Forest Department Shri. Rajkumar Srivastava, IFS, APCCF and State Mission Director (NBM) NR NR NR
Kerala Department of Industries & Commerse Shri. M.G. Rajamanickam IAS,  SMD (NBM) & Director of Industries & Comm. NR NR NR
Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission Dr. U.K. Subuddhi, State Mission Director Constituted 76,58,000 2,18,000 1,08,000
Maharashtra Maharastra Bamboo Development Board Shri. M. SRINIVASA RAO, IFS, MD, NBM 62,65,000 1,33,939 30,293
Manipur Forest Department Manipur ,Dr. Lokho Puni, IFS APCCF 1,94,000 15,46,900 NR
Meghalaya Agriculture Department Shri. L.N. Marak Director Soil & Water Conservation Department Mission Director Bamboo Development Agency NR NR NR
Mizoram Horticulture Department Dr. Elizabeth Saipari, Director 18,28,000 1,43,756 NR
Nagaland Planning and Co-ordination Department (NBDA) Shri Tarep Imchen, State Mission Director (NBM) 3,54,870 2,21,422 22,141
Odisha Forest Department Shri Sudeep Nayak , IFS, State Mission Director (NBM) 1,21,770 51,039.42 NR
Sikkim Horticulture & Cash Crop Development Department Shri. S.K. Tamang, Director 1,24,000 670 464
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency Dr. N. Subbaiyan, I.A.S, Managing Director NR NR NR NR
Telangana Horticulture Department Shri. L. Venkatram Reddy, Director of Horticulture NR NR NR
Tripura Dept. of Industries and Commerce Shri. P.K. Goyal , IAS, Director, Industries and Commerce 17,16,000 2,12,000 (2013-14 to 2016-17) NR
Uttarakhand Agriculture Department Dr. Vijay Kumar-IFS NR NR NR
Uttar Pradesh Forest Head Office Shri. K. Ilango, State Mission Director (NBM) NR NR NR
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