Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture
NABM Discontinued letter.
Appraisal, Sanction and Release of funds for PB proposal under MIDH.
Delegation of powers for sanction of projects under MIDH.
Conversion of “National Bamboo Mission” to “National Agroforestry & Bamboo Mission”.bord
Monthly Progress report on adoption of payment framework on DBT>
Change to new e-mail address of NIC pertaining to National Bamboo Mission
Administrative Approval for NBM under MIDH - Transfering of Funds to States/UTs Through Treasury Route- Under NBM(23-05-2014)
Minuts of Executive Commitee & Approved Annual Action Plan 2014-15 -Under NBM(09-05-2014)
Implementation of Various projects under approved Annual Action Plan 2014-15 under MIDH- Under NBM(03-05-2014)
Constitution of National Apex Committee to review the implementation of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme on National Bamboo Mission- Under NBM(11-01-2007)
Implementation of New Centrally Sponsored Scheme of National Bamboo Mission - Constitution of State Bamboo Steering Committee- Under NBM(21-12-2006)