S.No Name Details Distribution
1 Bambusa tulda

Local names: Jati Bahn (Assam), mritinga (Tripura), spineless Indian bamboo

Uses: a wonder Indian species of choice for the whole range of products especially agarbatti sticks, lumbar, paper, handicrafts, edible shoots, etc

2 B. bambos

Local names: Kotoha (Assam); Behor bans (West Bengal); Mula (Malayalam); Kanta bans (Orissa); Nal bans (Punjab); Saneibo (Manipur); Mungil (Tamil Nadu); Mulla veduru (Andhra Pradesh)

Uses: Construction, scaffolding, ladders, Furniture, Paper/pulp, edible shoots, leaf as fodder

Soil type- All most all types of soil with good drainage, however better growth is seen in slightly acidic soils, sandy loams and alluvial soils.

Climatic conditions–Growth is profuse in tropical and tropical to sub tropical conditions but comes up in dry areas as well.

3 Bambusa balcooa

Local Names: Baruwa (Manipur); Bhaluka (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bengal) ; Beru (Meghalaya); Bhalu bans (Nagaland); Barak (Tripura)

Uses: Scaffolding, construction, ladders, Agarbatti sticks, edible shoots, paper

Soil type- Grows in a wide range of soil types but maximum productivity is seen when grown in heavy textured soil with good drainage.

Climatic conditions- Growth is profuse in tropical and tropical to sub tropical conditions

4 B. cacharensis
5 B. polymorpha

Local names: betwa (Assam), narangi bahn (MP), bari (Tripura)

Uses: house construction, woven matting, baskets, furniture, handicrafts, paper pulp and board making, edible shoots with a distinctly sweet taste, landscaping.

6 B. nutans

Local names: deo bahn (Assam),

Uses: thick walled, baskets, fences, roofs and roof tiles, paper, for treating inflammation, ulcers and wounds

7 Dendrocalamus asper

Local Name: Sweet Bamboo, Rough bamboo Thaitama Bans (Sikkim)

Uses: Mainly grown for the high quality edible shoots. Poles are strong and useful in construction.

Soil type- Prefers well drained black soils, Sandy clay loam or shallow lateritic soil mixed with fine sandy clay. Good drainage is essential.

Climatic condition- It prefers a sub tropical climate to tropical climate. Suitable for drier tracts


8 Dendrocalamus hamiltonii
9 Thyrsostachys oliveri

Local Name: Lathi mula ( Kerala); Kanak kainch (Tripura)

Uses: Construction, Furniture, baskets, umbrella, fishing rods, Sport goods, Edible shoots

Soil type: Well drained loamy soils.

Climatic condition: It prefers tropical climates.

10 Meloccanna baciferra

Local names: muli, monopodial Indian bamboo

Uses: edible shoots, famine food, leaves for brewing liquor, Tabashir - a siliceous concretion found in the culms of the bamboo stem, can be collected from the culms and used as a tonic in treating respiratory diseases.

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